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Building Your Dream House: From The Ground Up

Updated: Nov 16, 2020

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Whether you’re just shopping for land to purchase, have your plans or are meeting with your builder for the first time; no matter the step you’re on, building a house can be overwhelming. In this series, I would like to encourage you and hopefully assist you with your starting point.

Start Somewhere

As long as you begin, take a step and don’t stop moving forward.

Create your vision board and focus

Begin with colors and textures, pictures of architectural styles you prefer. Before you know it, you’ll be farther than you had imagined.

Pick up the Right Tools as you Go

You will learn what you need and how to get it along the way. Write down your questions and present them to the builder. Take down as much information about each step. Throughout the process, different situations will arise. Glean experience from each one and remain open to what there is to learn.


Shop Lots for sale

Make a checklist of your local needs, i.e; schools, work, shopping proximity.

Check Local Comparison property values (comps)

Local Home values will determine your home’s worth and can affect your building loan.


Will your lot allow for your house size plus a pool, nice backyard or summer kitchen? How many floors will you need?



Waterfront, beach front, golf course view…

These are things to really think about with a long-term point-of-view. List out the pros and cons of how the view will affect each person in the household. It may sound silly, but I would like to point out that the world has been quarantined in lieu of a pandemic. We’ve all been faced with the same view day in and day out. My husband and I live on a river and have some acreage surrounded by forest. It is very relaxing in high-anxiety times. Your home is your reprieve.

Long Term Point-of-View :

Have you considered lifestyle changes?

Amenities should play a strategic part in choosing your location. Depending on your HOA, you may find a neighborhood with a gym, tennis court, playground included.

Many people prefer city-living with shops and businesses within walking distance. Who doesn’t love convenience?

In a changing world, is this going to maintain its charm? Also, will the hustle and bustle of city life keep it’s place in your heart through the next 10-20 years? I moved to the Riverside district of Jacksonville in my early 20s. It was charming, busy with an appealing artsy feel; Perfect for me when I was that age. I lived a short jog from the park and a few steps from the strip of restaurants. Now, I can’t find the appeal anywhere in my being. I need a yard, privacy, quiet and nature around me to feel at home. What are your must-haves now and where will that list land a few years into the future?

First Steps

Now you have made your first steps in the process of building your new home. From shopping lots to lighting, this timeline doesn’t have to take forever and it doesn’t have to be a drag either. Make your Pinterest boards, make lunch dates to visit different areas where you may like to live. Check out the different amenities in the area and be sure to make this an adventure to enjoy! This has been a short address of what you may want to think about once you make the decision to build.

I hope you will continue reading this series as we dive deeper into the grand process of making your dream home a reality.

What you want is attainable. CTS Custom Homes loves to help people achieve their dreams and be part of the process. That’s what makes it fun for us.

Watch for a builder spotlight on our experienced, carpenter and home builder, Cliff. Keep coming back as we add new content to the site and that includes pictures of our projects! Thanks for reading.

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